my School, Inspiration me Togetherness In A beloved Friendship School

This is a school where I was studying. Every morning until the afternoon half day, I spend my time here. Not only science that I can, but also experience. And that for me was happy that I’d found a friend and the friend of my friend here.
This is one of the school’s inspiration, a togetherness in friendship ………….
In school we can not be alone, we definitely have friends and companions. Those who will accompany us for days, months or even years. Almost all the time at school is always spent with them. They also will help us in the middle of our difficult problems.
And friendship at the start in the class X. ..
Switch from junior high to high school is not easy. In addition to the more difficult lessons, also a new factor of socialization with new friends as well. Building a friendship is not easy, especially in a friend who knew just knew the name or recognize his face. In this new class I found friends who were foreign to me. Only a few who I know. But gradually I know each one of them. And some time has passed, we have a whole family that was tied with a class name of my high school class X in this.
They are my new friends. Friends who will be ready to entertain and help me in school. Initially it was difficult to dig a sense of togetherness. But those figures are good, they must understand the situation and also fun. Along with it all, togetherness began to grow and eventually become a beautiful relationship with a sense of it.
The bond of friendship is really peaking. Sad, love, jokes and laughter of the people can be felt by the whole. Everything that happens in this school, like a shared responsibility. However, what power can be done if we should split up. Split for the determination of majors. Sadly that’s for sure, but we have to accept reality. We may not be together in one class, but we remain one of the schools my family.
Entering a new family in class XI ….
As considered in class X. Still awkward, yes. Scared, a little. Lack of confidence and certainly embarrassed to hang out. But all that could quickly disappear. Maybe we are already tied up in a large family of schools. Their new friends are no less preoccupied with old friends. In fact they are easier to get along. I’m happy to be in this class, although there are also sad at having to part with old friends. And now the word friend can be replaced with the word friend.
Compactness in this class also awakened by so fast. Each one of them could to put himself in the right conditions. Each one of them can entertain with their hallmark. Each one of them is always honest and always defend any action that is supposed to be true. They are really compact. Compact build a family the best at this school. Always wanted to be the leader and be a role model and family are an example to others.
Although practically new, although spelled differently with the first class, but the family is not much different. Not much different from its cohesiveness. Even this new family would be a better family for the future. To achieve a friendship, a family and an excellent achievement.
Sense of togetherness in friendship is different and unique. This sense of community has always led with compassion. Haru will concern them and the emotion of the words that came out of them beautiful. Each beautiful words they always motivate and inspire. The beauty of togetherness is expected to remain there, even growing up in the completion of this school ….
They are my little family in the school, they are m


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